About Ashworth

The company was founded in 1987 by Gerald Montiel and John Ashworth as Charter Golf, Inc, from an office in the Los Angeles garment district. Ashworth was a golf enthusiast and Montiel ran a sporting goods store. Montiel hired Ashworth as a buyer for the golf department in 1985.

They observed that golf fashions in the 1980s could use more style. After the sporting goods store went out of business, Ashworth started designing the clothes while Montiel raised money for his idea. Eventually he raised $685,000 by early 1988 and the company was launched as Charter Golf, Inc.

The Ashworth revolution enhanced golf's image by changing its dress from loud and garish to cool and stylish, and by giving golfers apparel they could wear off the course with confidence. As most competitors focus exclusively on performance-oriented products, an opportunity exists for an exciting authentic brand to fill the lifestyle void. That calls for new and fresh spot-on products that resonate with the true golfer, a challenge they?re uniquely qualified to meet.

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