An apron is an outer protective garment that covers primarily the front of the body. It may be worn for hygienic reasons as well as in order to protect clothes from wear and tear. The apron is commonly part of the uniform of several work categories, including waitresses, nurses, and domestic workers. Many individuals wear them around the house while cleaning and cooking. It can also be worn as a decorative garment by women but they are most often worn in many commercial establishments to protect workers clothes from damage. The most commonly used apron is the bib apron.

Apron Styles

There are many different apron forms depending on the purpose of the apron. A basic distinction is between waist aprons which cover the body from the waist down and a bib apron which also covers the upper part of the body.

An apron is usually held in place by two ribbon-like strips of cloth that are tied at the back. A bib apron may either have a strap around the neck (perhaps the most widespread use today), or shoulder straps that criss-cross at the back and attach to the waistband. The advantage of the former design is that it makes it especially simple to put on the bib apron.

Why Personalize an Aprons with Embroidery or Printing?

Some modern day aprons will have humorous expressions, designs or corporate logos but what is the advantage of wearing a customized apron versus a personalized shirt. Aprons are worn far less than shirts, jackets, etc. so it is natural to think that it would make more sense to personalize a shirt with your logo but this is not necessarily true. When people wear aprons other take notice because aprons aren't typically worn by people on a day to day basis. By personalizing an apron with a logo or custom design, you will draw even more attention to yourself. This poses a great opportunity to advertise your company name and/or logo. Whether you own a restaurant, auto repair shop or and ice cream parlor, don't wait to order custom embroidered or custom printed aprons.

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