What's Considered a Dress Shirt?

A dress shirt is a business shirt with a collar, a full-length opening up the front from the collar to the hem, and full length sleeves with cuffs. The opening fastens closed along a placket using buttons or studs, and the cuffs close with buttons or cuff links. Some very formal shirts have separable collars attached with studs.

In British English, that garment is simply called an oxford, while a business shirt is specifically a more formal shirt of the style worn with black tie or white tie. Dress shirts are also commonly referred to as tailored shirts.

Dress shirts are normally made from woven cloth, and can be embroidered with logos and designs or monogrammed with one's initials. An alternative term is button-front, button-up or button-down shirt.


Our Recommendation for Personalizing Dress Shirts

We recommend that you embroider dress shirts on the left chest. If the shirt has a pocket than we recommend placing the embroidery above the pocket or on the right chest of the shirt. We are capable of screen printing our dress shirts but most people prefer embroidered dress shirts over screen printed dress shirts because embroidery has a more sophisticated look.


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