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The Personalized Jackets that we carry are stylish yet affordable. Find out more about our Personalized Jacketsthrough this page. Other related products that we offer include: Embroidered Jackets, Custom Jackets, Promotional Jackets,

We carry custom embroidered jackets, screen printed jackets, and monogrammed jackets. This includes sports jackets, golf jackets, windbreakers, and windshirts that can be personalized to your liking.  Click Here


"Where Quality isn't a Goal it's a Standard"

Custom Embroidered Coats

Advertise your Company with Embroidered Jackets. No Minimum Order or Set-ups!

Note: For imprinted windbreaker and windshirts please visit our screen printing section for athletic jackets.

*Standard Embroidery Designs Included in Pricing!

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Why Order Custom Team Jackets from University Fashions?

Custom team jackets make for great promotional products. Providing embroidered coats and jackets lets your staff know you care enough to make a long-term investment in them and your customers know that you are professional. The attitude of professionalism that comes along with an insulated custom team jacket program is contagious. Try our wide assortment of windbreaker clothing which include light weight jackets, sports jackets, windbreakers, windshirts, etc. in a variety of colors printed or embroidered with your photo, graphic or company name and logo.

More Windbreaker Clothing Coming Soon!

More custom team jackets are on the way. Check back with us in a few months to see our new line of embroidered coats including the latest custom team jackets, windbreaker clothing, windshirts, and more. Personalized windbreaker clothing can be in the form of embroidered coats, screen printed windshirts, and/or monogrammed custom team jackets.

Additional Information on Windbreaker Clothing

A windbreaker or windshirt is a thin outer coat designed to resist wind chill and light rain. It is usually of light construction, characteristically made of some type of glossy synthetic material and often incorporating an elastic waistband and zipper. It sometimes includes a hood and can be used for custom team jackets.

The term windbreaker, used primarily in North America and Japan, is actually a genericized trademark. The term windcheater is used in the United Kingdom and certain Commonwealth countries. It also refers to any glossy synthetic material used to make clothing.

The term windbreaker pants describes pants made out of a glossy synthetic material with an elastic around the waist.

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