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The T Shirts Embroidery that we carry are stylish yet affordable. Find out more about our T Shirts Embroiderythrough this page. Other related products that we offer include: Custom T Shirt Screen Printing, Screen Printing Tee Shirts, T Shirt Screen Printing,

We carry custom sports t shirts and tank tops This includes sports logo t shirts, sleeveless t shirts, and athletic tops that can be personalized to your liking. 

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"Where Quality isn't a Goal it's a Standard"

Sports Logo T Shirts & Personalized Tank Tops

Advertise your Team's name with Custom Embroidery T Shirts. No Minimum Order or Set-ups!

Note: For imprinted athletic t shirts please visit our screen printing section for athletic tees.

*Standard Embroidery Designs Included in Pricing!

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Why Order Sports Logo T Shirts from University Fashions?

Custom sports t-shirts and personalized tank tops can be a great team builder. Show team unity on and off the playing field with a sports logo t shirts. Have your team name and/or logo, embroidered on one of our custom sports t-shirts or athletic tops. We carry a wide variety men's and women's activewear including long sleeve t shirts, tank tops, sleeveless t shirts and many more athletic tops.

All of our custom sports t shirts, embroidery t shirts, and tank tops are not listed online so if you do not see the t-shirt style you are looking for give us a call or email us.

Additional Information on Personalized Tank Tops

A t-shirt, personalized tank top or t shirts is a shirt manufactured without sleeves, or one where the sleeves have been cut off. Embroidered sleeveless shirts can be worn by either gender, depending on the style. These sleeveless undershirts do not prevent sweat stains from showing through. Personalized tank tops are often worn by athletes in sports such as track and field and bicycling. Tank tops have been popular warm-weather casual wear in the United States since the 1980s, and are regarded as acceptable public casual dress in some locales. They are mostly preferred in hot climates since the arm holes provide ventilation and the thin fabric provides comfort.

In American English, a tank top is a sleeveless T-shirt-like garment that can be worn by either sex. It is often worn under the t shirt as underwear, though more colorful and well-designed tank tops are usually worn as an outer shirt. The term is also used in Australian English, although the term singlet is commonly used to refer to the garment. In British English, the term vest is used, while tank top refers to a sports t shirt. The name tank top, recorded in English since 1968, is derived from its resemblance to a tank suit, a style of one-piece women's swimsuit with shoulder straps. Its name derives from the 1920s term swimming tank, which is an obsolete term for what is now called a swimming pool.

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More Custom Embroidery T-Shirts Coming Soon!

More custom embroidery t shirts are on the way. Check back with us in a few months to see our new line of custom sports logo t shirts including the latest custom sports t-shirts, personalized tank tops, long sleeve t shirts, tank tops, sleeveless t shirts and many more athletic tops.  Personalized tank tops can be in the form of custom embroidery t shirts, sports logo t shirts, and custom sports t-shirts.



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