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1st Day on the Job..."

1st Day on the Job..."

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1. On 08/03/2010, JB Stevens wrote:

Absolutely hands down the CUTEST EVER!!

2. On 08/03/2010, Uncle Pete wrote:

I see the true talent already!

3. On 08/03/2010, Cousin Cllier wrote:


4. On 08/03/2010, Cousin Lilly wrote:

Bo is sooooo cute!!!!

5. On 08/03/2010, Cousin Maggie wrote:

Can I work for you one day????

6. On 08/23/2010, Jinx Farmer wrote:

Sleeping on the job already? How cute!

7. On 08/23/2010, Dorothy Edge wrote:

Such a beautiful little boy--such great family resemblance. The two of you did good on this one!

8. On 08/23/2010, Dawn Crabtree wrote:

Too cute for words!!!

9. On 08/24/2010, Julie Schoolcraft wrote:

He is so very Handsome A gift sent from Heaven. Wish Patrick was still small lol.

10. On 08/25/2010, Chris Clark wrote:

SOOOOO TINY!!!! what a cutie

11. On 08/25/2010, Bradford Williamson wrote:

Good looking lil fella!

12. On 08/26/2010, Tina Bortle wrote:

He is a beautiful baby!!! Congratulations Also Thank You to Creat E Scapes for all the work you did on our campus clean up day!!

13. On 08/26/2010, Jan L Robinson wrote:

So Cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

14. On 08/26/2010, Diane M. Jackson wrote:

I'm sure Lil Bo already runs the business. Sooo cute.

15. On 08/27/2010, Diane Duggins wrote:

Now there is one cute businessman

16. On 08/27/2010, Jan Gable wrote:

He is the cutest little thing! I see so much of you and Bill as well as Justin and Jake. Maybe even a little Granna and Gramps!

17. On 08/27/2010, Debra Bass wrote:

So cute--Little Bill!! Looks like he is ready to go to work with daddy!

18. On 08/29/2010, Randy Watkins wrote:

Great looking kid.One day he will have a G on his helment.

19. On 08/29/2010, Annette Jones wrote:

He is just adorable. So cute.

20. On 08/31/2010, Margaret wrote:

what a sweet heart

21. On 08/31/2010, Bunny Godard wrote:

Cutie pie!

22. On 08/31/2010, Carisa wrote:

So, So CUTE!

23. On 08/31/2010, Lexus wrote:

He is so cute --- I want to hold him

24. On 08/31/2010, Chris wrote:

Cute kid!

25. On 08/31/2010, Carolyn Bentley wrote:

he is so cute the cutest one out there

26. On 09/01/2010, Dorothy Edge wrote:

Everytime I look at the picture, he seems to get even cuter. Can't wait to hold him and kiss him. Hope he wins! He will always be a winner with Aunt Dot.

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