Why Order Personalized Baby Hats?

Custom baby hats and caps make for great gifts. There is no better way to make a child happy than to give them a hat that is as unique as a personalized baby hat, while parents with toddlers will be proud to show off their babies with custom baby hats. Get infant cap embroidered with your child's name on it or a personalized toddler hat with your child's favorite toy on it. Try our wide assortment of toddler and infant caps which include knitted baby hats, baby bucket hats, baby baseball hats, and more, in a variety of colors printed or embroidered with a photo, graphic or child's name. Make you and your children proud by ordering personalized baby hats.

Information on Baby Bucket Hats

Baby bucket hat is the name for two distinct types of infant cap or toddler hat. The name bucket hat probably comes from the early-20th century slang term "bean," meaning "head". The bucket cap is typically made of twill, and was popular amongst toddlers, infants and babies from the 1920s to the early 1940s. Personalized baby hats are sometimes brimless and may have a small embellished visor or, very commonly, no visor at all. One popular style of the beanie during the early half of the twentieth century was a baby sun cap made of four or six felt panels sewn together to form the baby sun cap. The panels were often composed of two or more different colors to make them novel. This type of baby sun hat was also very popular in the 1960's as they would often incorporate a rainbow of colors into the baby bucket or sun hat.

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